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Q1 2019

For this first Newsletter of 2019, Soft dB is proud to be launching a new Centralized Touch Panel compatible with the SmartSMS-Net sound masking system. We are continuing to grow our sales team in the USA and sharing with you a number of customer’s success stories while partnering with Soft dB. Furthermore, Soft dB is opening up a new market in Russia with our new distributor: EMAG Group.

SMS-CTP: A New Centralized Touchscreen Panel

Soft dB is proud to introduce the SMS-CTP, a centralized control panel compatible with the SmartSMS-NET product line. The SMS-CTP is an intuitive touch technology that allows for simple and secure sound masking volume adjustments to the sound masking system via one centralized panel

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Calculate Your ROI (Return On Investment)

The advantages of sound masking have been the subject of many scientific research. Using the data from these studies, we have created a very useful tool based on real life installation costs to calculate the ROI of using a Soft dB sound masking system in your specific office environment. The ROI Calculator is a simple way to calculate return on investment (ROI) resulting from sound masking. You can find the Calculator on the Soft dB website.

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Successful Transition To Activity Based Working (ABW): The Case of CAE

CAE is a world leader in training for civil aviation, defense and healthcare. For their corporate headquarters of more than 5,000 people, the traditional assigned office configuration was creating a lot of problems and was a major challenge for future growth with limited available land for more office space. CAE decided to make big leap forward by moving to an ABW office configuration.

Learn how and the Soft dB Sound Masking System was the best solution to help CAE make this successful transition.

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Another Wells Fargo Success With Soft dB

Wells Fargo is a world renowned financial institution with a history dating back to 1852. Recently, they inaugurated a new 1.1 million-square-foot corporate office campus in Minneapolis. The new campus is home to more than 5,000 employees who are working mostly in open concept office areas.

Wells Fargo has been a long standing Soft dB sound masking customer and the management team of Wells Fargo decided yet again to trust the Soft dB technology and install the SmartSMS-Net sound masking system in all 21 floors. Thanks to Soft dB and our patented adaptive control technology, Wells Fargo’s employees can focus on individual tasks with less distractions. Also, employees having conversations or meetings can speak more freely with less concern that their conversations are being overheard.

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Desjardins in the Olympic Stadium Tower

Desjardins will participate at the 2019 Conference on the Management of Workspaces organized by Les Affaires. As one of the largest financial institution in Canada, they will present their new office space located in the tower of the Montreal Olympic Stadium. Desjardins’ office concept is absolutely stunning in this very unique location. Their offices are highly modern, with an inspiring design, and are fully equipped with our state-of-the-art sound masking system Soft dB SmartSMS-NET. Do not miss this presentation!

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EY Chooses Soft dB in Boston

EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the world. It is taking steps to become even more attractive for its existing and future workforce. One of the step EY is taking toward this goal is to implement the Workplace of the Future initiative. EY put aside the traditional closed-office concept to a more flexible, collaborative work environment wit the help of Soft dB sound masking system. It was installed on multiple floors, covering open areas and closed offices. EY is now taking advantage of the Soft dB exclusive Adaptive Control technology that provides extraordinary acoustic confort without any compromise on confidentiality and productivity.

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Design Grand Prix at Attraction Media

Soft dB is proud to announce that one of its customers has just won an award for the quality of the design of its new office space. The office of Attraction Media, located in the heart of Montreal won the award for “Best office space of more than 20,000 sq. Ft.” at the GRAND PRIX DU DESIGN competition. The offices are equipped with open spaces area, flexible and minimalist design. Soft dB is proud to have contributed to this success by providing a state of art sound masking system in an office space with open ceilings where all Soft dB sound masking speakers where visible and yet in perfect harmony with the design without any compromise on the sound masking performance.

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Soft dB Now Have a Blog !

A new Blog section is now available on the Soft dB website. Soft dB Blog will present more in depth articles and case studies featuring different topics related to sound masking and acoustics.

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The CMS-II Is Ready For Action !

Soft dB is proud to announce that CMS-II is now ready to be shipped anywhere! As you know, the CMS-II is a complete sound masking system, simple, easy to use and packed with new technologies. Tailored for small and medium offices of 5,000 ft2 (465 m2) or less, the CMS-II provides unparalleled sound masking performance at a reasonable price.

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New Sound Masking Sales Manager in the

Mid-Atlantic Region

As part of its continued growth, the Soft dB team would like to inform you that Michael Fonte has joined the group as a new Sound Masking SalesManager for the territory of Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania.

Michael Fonte

200 Wilson Point Road

PO Box 5015

Baltimore, MD


Phone: (443)545-4612


New Sound Masking Sales Manager for Chicago

As part of its continued growth, the Soft dB team would like to inform you that Anthony Wilson has joined the group as a new Sound Masking SalesManager for the territory of Illinois.

Anthony Wilson

17541 Kedzie Ave

PO Box 656

Hazel Crest, Il


Phone: (708)-945-3812


New International Distributor: EMAG Group

Soft dB is proud to announce that a new partner is now responsible for promoting and selling the SmartSMS-NET Sound Masking Systems of Soft dB in Russia.

EMAG Group

Contact: Sergey Panfilov Москва, Золоторожский вал. д. 34 стр. 6 Адрес для почтовой переписки: 111250, г. Москва, а/я 40, получатель: ООО “КомплектПоставка”. Phone +7-(495)-927-0257 (ext 9126) Fax +7-(495)-640-0957