Attraction Media Rewarded at Grand Prix Du Design 12th Edition

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Faced with the challenge of creating a space that adapts to fluctuating teams and encourages teamwork without erasing the differences that make colleagues collectively stronger, Imperatori Design created a warm, flexible, colourful and creative workplace where individuals can customize their working methods.

Attraction Média provides television, radio, movie and new media talent. Vast and supple, the space has no closed offices whatsoever. Aligned workstations lead to comfortable lounge areas where employees and teams are free to work coffee-shop style. To demarcate quieter and more private zones, translucent and felted fabrics cover the space’s wood and metal pieces. Wooden beams attach columns to one another and frame the space with a sense of rhythm that echoes the workday’s cycle.

The jury rewarded the project for its originality, emphasizing the framing of the bare walls and the dynamic lighting design.

Category: Office Over 20 000 sq.Ft.
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