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Soft dB Consulting is dedicated to solving commercial and residential noise and vibration problems for organizations across New England, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Our team is comprised of 30 acoustical engineers and technicians with globally recognized expertise in architectural, environmental and industrial acoustics.

Our acoustical consulting services are primarily aimed at:

  • Identifying the root causes of noise and vibration issues through standardized tests and highly precise measurements
  • Validating solutions with advanced computer simulations and modeling techniques
  • Implementing noise mitigation strategies that are both practical and cost-effective

Noise Mitigation in Construction and Industrial Sites

Construction sites, factories and industrial sites generate high levels of environmental noise through their regular operations. Do your noise levels comply with MassDEP noise pollution policy? Do you follow the rules on noise in Boston? Soft dB offers short and long term noise monitoring solutions to help you continuously maintain your compliance with city, state, and federal noise standards. The data collected makes it possible to effectively control all noise sources while reducing their negative environmental and social impact.

Speech Privacy and Acoustic Comfort in Open Plan Offices

Lack of speech privacy and constant noise distractions in open plan offices are increasingly common problems affecting both employee productivity and well-being. Our acousticians perform key measurements to assess the acoustical properties of rooms, walls and ceiling partitions following ASTM standards. We compare these measurements against applicable building codes and best practices while providing actionable advice to improve room acoustic performance and occupant comfort.

Acoustics in New Construction and Remodeling Projects

In new buildings or renovation projects, which materials should be used to achieve noise levels that satisfy local building codes, regulations and noise standards? Using cutting-edge room acoustic simulation technology, our engineers provide tailored recommendations and detailed review of project plans.

Noise Exposure in the Workplace

High ambient noise levels inside factories and industrial sites hurt both employee’s health and productivity. Our acoustical engineers perform accurate noise measurements on workers (dosimetry) to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations while proposing viable solutions to reduce noise and limit the worker’s total shift exposure to safe levels.

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We Helped These Boston Area Industry Leaders Tackle Their Acoustics Challenges

Soft dB clients in Boston
Soft dB clients in Boston

Achieve Compliance with Massachusetts Noise Regulations

Building Noise Regulations

Massachusetts enforces a statewide building code to regulate both airborne (measured as STC) and structure-borne (measured as IIC) noises inside residential buildings. It applies to all common interior walls, partitions and floor/ceiling assemblies between adjacent dwelling units or between dwelling units and public areas.
View full regulations

Environmental Noise Regulations

MassDEP regulates noise as an air pollutant and enforces an exterior noise ordinance that’s measured in decibels (dB). While this ordinance provides a minimum compulsory requirement across Massachusetts, individual cities such as Boston and Springfield implement their own noise ordinances in addition to the state-mandated law.
View full regulations

Real-Time Monitoring Solution for Noise, Vibrations, Dust, Traffic and Weather

You can only control what you can measure. Our real-time monitoring solution helps decision makers take the guesswork out of noise and vibration mitigation, regardless of industry or project type. With reliable acoustic data collected 24/7, you’ll always know when and where to take corrective action to ensure site compliance with both MassDEP Air Pollution Control Regulations and the rules on noise in Boston.

Exceedance Alerts

Get instantly notified by text message or email whenever any threshold is breached, enabling more proactive noise and environmental impact management.

Automated Reports

Daily automated reports give you a quick overview of project-related noise and environmental emissions while highlighting key trends and insights over time.

Web-Based Interface

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible through a user-friendly, visually rich web interface, allowing you to make informed decisions wherever you are.

Control Your Office Noise the Smart Way

Ever Heard of Sound Masking?

If one of your goals is to provide a distraction-free workspace atmosphere that optimizes focus and promotes productivity while ensuring employee privacy and comfort, sound masking is one of the most cost-effective solutions. In North America alone, sound masking systems are installed in nearly 100,000,000 square feet of new corporate and government office space each year. Chances are you’ve visited a space covered by sound masking before without even knowing it. The right sound masking system provides your workplace with a higher level of privacy by producing a soothing sound that muffles conversations and other distractions while seamlessly blending into the office background virtually unnoticed.

Higher Productivity

Sound masking greatly reduces the radius of distraction in open offices. Employees get a lot less distracted by conversations within 15 to 40 feet from where a sound masking speaker is located. Focus is improved and productivity increases measurably.

Lower Construction Costs

Sound masking reduces the need for plenum barriers, soundproof doors and extra drywall layers. It improves the acoustic performance of movable partitions without sacrificing their flexibility. Construction costs can be reduced by $3 per square foot.

Better Confidentiality

Lack of privacy is the biggest frustration in today’s workplace. Sound masking improves speech privacy between neighbouring workstations and offices separated only by partitions by adding background noise to make conversations less intelligible.

Our Acoustical Consulting and Engineering Services

  • Compliance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Boston noise regulations
  • Remote monitoring of environmental emissions
  • Identification and ranking of noise sources in real time
  • Implementation of noise reducing measures
  • Acoustical imagery and noise mapping
  • Noise and vibration engineering
  • Speech privacy and sound masking
  • Engineering in active noise control
  • Acoustic product design and optimization
  • Soundproofing solutions for machines
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Successful management of the impacts from noise and vibration starts with our unique expertise. No acoustics challenge is too small or too complex for our team of experts.

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