Matra succeeds in limiting noise exposure with Soft dB Acoustic enclosures!

In order to comply with noise exposure regulations and to improve the safety of its employees, Matra needed to take action to reduce the noise exposure within their factory.

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With workstations being impacted by too many noise sources, Soft dB was tasked with developing an effective tailor-made solution to reduce the noise levels - all while staying within budget.

After careful inspection and various simulations, our team proposed the installation of a Soft dB patented acoustic enclosure, with the versatility to be tailored precisely to Matras specifications.

The results of the study produced an astounding 60% reduction in acoustic energy!

Objective: Reduce the Overall Noise Exposure to Workers

Approach: Analysis & Recommendations to Meet Objective

Solution: Installation of an Acoustic Enclosure

Objective Met - Noise Reduction of 6 dBA (60%).


A Strategic Partner with IPI - A Leader in Industrial Insulation

Soft dB has developed a partnership with IPI Isolation Thermique in the design of our acoustic blankets. Partnering and collaborating with a leader in industrial insulation enables us to deliver a high-quality product, worthy of this multidisciplinary association.

The Solution to your Industrial Noise Challenges

Do you work in an environment with noisy mechanical equipment? Our acoustic blankets and panels will help you to effectively reduce the exposure of industrial noise. If preceded by a noise reduction study by our experts, the results of our solution are 100% guaranteed.

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