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Q2 2019

RL96 Sound Masking Controller

Introducing the RL96: a Leaner, Simpler and Better Sound Masking Controller

Recently added to our SmartSMS-NET sound masking product line, the RL96 is a rugged, compact rack-mount sound masking controller that packs a punch. It is meant to replace its bulkier predecessors, the RL120 and RL200, as one of our flagship sound masking controllers specially tailored to office spaces above 5000 square feet (460 m2). Designed with simplicity, versatility and cost-efficiency in mind, the RL96 delivers a whole new level of acoustic performance in a 1U compact footprint.

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CCEA Approved SMS-STR Speaker

Our SMS-STR Speaker Complies with the City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA)

The safety and efficiency of our sound masking equipment takes top priority, which is why we're pleased to announce that our SMS-STR sound masking speaker now fully meets the City of Chicago’s stricter electrical safety requirements and can be installed in any region where building code requires that electrical wires are run through metal conduit.

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Soft dB Continuing Education Program

Accredited Continuing Education Program for Architects and Designers

We're introducing a new course registered with the American institute of Architects (AIA) for continuing education credits. In this course, architects and designers will learn about the importance of sound masking and how it can easily be implemented in different sized offices. They will understand why speech can be overheard in an office space and learn about one of the most efficient methods of creating an office environment with the perfect balance between confidentiality and acoustic comfort. In addition, they'll discover how sound masking contributes to positive change in performance and wellness of employees by increasing their privacy.

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New Balance HQ in Boston

Learn How LEED Construction and Sound Masking Play Very Well Together

LEED projects primarily aim at delivering modern, bright, airy workspaces that put employee wellness, health and productivity at the core. However, green building design brings new acoustical engineering, vibration and noise mitigation challenges that didn’t previously arise in conventional construction methods. Tackling this new set of challenges is what Soft dB does best.

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Premier Tech Olympe Project

Premier Tech Wins an Excellence in Architecture Award for Its Olympe Project in Rivière-du-Loup

A client of ours, Premier Tech in Rivière-du-Loup, received OAQ's Award of Excellence in Architecture for its newly completed Olympe building. It should be noted that our sound masking system is an integral part of this innovative building, ensuring the acoustic comfort of Premier Tech employees across its open-plan offices spread out over three floors.

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National Bank HQ in Montreal

National Bank's New Head Office in Montreal Aiming for a LEED v4 Gold and WELL Certification

With its unique design emphasizing collaborative, modern, bright, and technology-driven spaces, National Bank’s new head office will be one of Montreal’s most impressive office buildings. Aiming for a LEED v4 Gold and WELL certification, the building is also designed to meet the world’s strictest standards in terms of sustainable construction, integrated design and occupants’ health and well-being. The National Bank already leverages our SmartSMS-NET sound masking system in its existing locations to provide employees with optimal acoustic comfort, increased speech privacy and the ability to focus on what matters most.

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What Is the Difference Between dB and dB(A)?

Decibels (dB) are a measurement of sound intensity over the standard threshold of hearing. However, you will often see noise levels given in dBA (A-weighted sound levels) instead of dB. Our experts briefly explain how the two units differ from each other.

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dB and dB(A)

SAC Nordic Becomes Our New Sound Masking System Distributor in Sweden

SAC Nordic

We're pleased to include SAC Nordic in our partner ecosystem as a new sound masking distributor covering the Swedish market. SAC Nordic's technical expertise and support will help us better serve our Swedish clients while achieving our market goals in Europe.

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New Sound Masking Sales Manager in the Southwest and South Central States

We're delighted to welcome Alex Vargo as our new Sales Manager for the Mountain and South Central states. Alex will be responsible for managing and developing new growth for our sound masking system across Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, and Wyoming.

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Sales Manager Alex Vargo