Acoustics Engineering & Vibration Consulting

Our acoustic and vibration engineers assist you in soundproofing your spaces, controlling noise levels on an industrial site, protecting the hearing health of your employees, or addressing vibration issues affecting your infrastructure. You will receive the best solutions tailored to your needs.

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Noise and Vibration Issues: We Have Been Helping Corporate and Residential Clients Solve Them for Over 25 Years.

Soft dB has been offering acoustics engineering and vibration consulting services since 1996.

Our team of PhDs and engineers are experts in the various fields of acoustics and claim a solid track record of thousands of projects with satisfied consulting clients across all imaginable sectors. However small or complex your noise and vibration problem, our experts will help you implement practical solutions that are not only cost-efficient but also flexible and tailored to your reality. We'll make the science of sound work for you, not the other way around.

With consulting offices in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Malartic and Luxembourg, we're able to help both corporate and residential clients solve noise and vibration problems across Canada, United States, and Europe.

Noise and Vibration Levels: We Help These Industry Leaders Keep Them Down

What do our major acoustics & vibration consulting clients all have in common? A rock-solid sense of corporate social responsability. And they don't stop at taking the wellbeing of their employees, neighboring communities, and the environment very seriously. They continuously strive to go above and beyond regulations and compliance—from simply just doing things right to setting new benchmarks on mitigation and transparency.

Keeping noise and vibration levels under close watch and tight control is just one of the many things our clients do better than the rest. We're sure proud that they trust us to help them remain true role model organizations with the latter. The best expertise and most reliable data in noise & vibration control have little value without the right decision makers to act on our reports and recommendations. It's these leaders' proactive approach to occupational safety and careful consideration for their community's peace and quiet that help us be better acoustical engineers everyday.

Soft dB's major clients

Our Acoustical Engineering Consulting Services

Architectural Acoustics

Your spaces should sound as good as they look. We make them more comfortable and private acoustically through better soundproofing techniques, reverberation control, and by quieting down noisy building services.

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Environmental Noise

Our engineers help you minimize the impacts of outdoor noise emissions, ground vibrations and blast waves in order to achieve compliance with environmental regulations and maintain good relationships with your local community.

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Industrial Noise

Working in plants and factories shouldn't cause hearing loss. We make industrial sites quieter and safer through advanced noise surveying techniques, better equipment soundproofing, and damping of mechanical vibrations.

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Industrial Soundproofing for Loud Equipment and Vehicles

Dealing with noisy machines and industrial equipment? Let’s isolate them with our industrial soundproofing solution. Adaptable to heavy equipment of all shapes and sizes, our industrial soundproofing panels and curtains deliver outstanding noise isolation performance at a very reasonable cost. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor equipment, including moving vehicles, our acoustic blankets are especially effective at reducing high noise levels at low frequencies, which are typically the most difficult to attenuate.

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Noise & Ground Vibration Monitoring

You care about your noise, vibration, and environmental impacts on neighboring communities? We've designed rugged, compact measurement stations for 24/7 remote monitoring of noise levels, ground vibrations, blast waves, dust concentration, road traffic, and weather conditions. Wherever you are, on-site or off-site, you’ll know in real-time exactly where and how regulatory limits are exceeded, enabling you to take the right measures to stay compliant with environmental regulations and noise laws.

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Vibration Control

High vibration levels can hurt both structures and humans. Using advanced measurements and simulation techniques, we predict and solve machinery vibration problems before they occur while helping you improve mechanical designs.

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Acoustical Imagery

When we say that not many people see noise like we do, we really mean it. We don't just find and measure noise sources: we photograph and modelize them into insightful heatmaps that are easy to act on. We even film noise in movement.

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Acoustics meets aerodynamics. Airflow-induced noise often occurs in HVAC systems, industrial chimneys, vehicle exhausts, wind turbines—even on building facades. We'll help you simulate and visualize aeroacoustics noise to better control it.

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Need Help With Noise & Vibrations?

Improving the acoustic performance of your spaces requires good knowledge and the right measuring instruments. Taking full control of noise and vibration levels across your site—be it a busy quarry that spans thousands of acres or an oil refinery surrounded by residential communities—starts with our unique field expertise. There is no such thing as a noise or vibration problem that's too complex for our world-class team of engineers.

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