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Soft dB has been offering acoustical consultancy services since 1996. Our acoustical engineers and technical consultants work across multidisciplinary fields: environmental, architectural, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial. Whatever the problem with noise control, sound insulation, vibration isolation, controlling reverberation or echoes, Soft dB has the expertise you require.

We have offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and Malartic. We have the capabilities to offer consultancy services throughout Quebec, Canada, United States, Europe, and Africa.

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Fields of Expertise

  • Field and laboratory sound insulation testing and partition design for walls, floors, and facades (STC, ASTC, FIIC, OITC);
  • Reverberation (echo) control and sound clarity (RT60, C80);
  • Articulation, privacy, and speech intelligibility assessments ( AISII, SPC );
  • HVAC unit sound measurement (AHRI 350, AHRI 575, AHRI 230)
  • HVAC noise prediction in buildings (AHRI 885, ASHRAE)
  • Computer-based modelling and auralisation (RAP-ONE, CATT, INSUL);
  • Unknown noise and vibration source identification and treatment recommendations;
  • Clear and precise reports or design reviews for our clients;
  • Comprehensive technical support;
  • Noise and vibration impact assessments;
  • Regulatory compliance assessments (Quebec 98-01, Ontario NPC-300, NB 87-83);
  • Noise and vibration monitoring & mapping;
  • Acoustic modelling using advanced prediction software;
  • Design and specification of noise control measures;
  • Technical support to clients;
    • Measurement and analysis of noise and vibration from all types of machinery, HVAC systems, building sevices, and transportation equipment;
    • Sound pressure, sound intensity, sound power, and tri-axial vibration measurements;
    • Problem noise or vibration source identification;
    • The design of noise and vibration conrol structures and components;
    • Acoustic non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT & NDE);
    • Vibro-acoustic product design;

Our principal areas of acoustical consultancy activity are:

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Online acoustical monitoring
  • Construction noise
  • Industrial noise
  • Noise and vibration at work
  • Condos and residential buildings
  • Office spaces including Atriums, Conference and multimedia rooms
  • Sound-masking, sound intelligibility, privacy
  • Performance spaces, theatres and auditoria
  • Schools, gymnasia, libraries
  • Studios, cinemas, and music halls
  • Active noise control
  • Acoustical imagery
  • Acoustic product design
  • Standards and regulations on Noise