Automate the Post-processing of Your Sound & Vibration Data Using the Advanced Features Offered by Soft dB Monitoring Solutions

At Soft dB, Technological Innovation Is Ingrained in Our DNA

So That Our Monitoring Systems Are Always the Best Solution for You.

Our R&D team has developed patented technologies that not only meet industry demands but also exceed the highest standards. This ensures that our monitoring solutions remain the most advantageous, flexible, and cost-effective options for you, saving both time and money. Why limit yourself when you can incorporate intelligence into your sound and vibration data, streamlining and optimizing your daily operations?

Explore the Advanced Features Designed to Serve You: The Master Trigger™ for Ground Vibration Monitoring, and the AI Tool for Noise Monitoring

Ground Vibration Monitoring - Master Trigger™

Receive Automatic Alerts & Concise Reports Post-blasting

Discover the intelligent classification and blast monitoring system designed to assist you: Master Trigger™.

Discover the Master Trigger™

Noise Monitoring - AI

Obtain Reliable and Precise Insights Into Your Noise Compliance With Our AI Tool

Wondering if your activities are breaching noise thresholds? With Soft dB's artificial intelligence (AI) tool, gain real-time understanding of your noise compliance.

Learn more about the AI tool

Solving Noise & Vibration Problems Starts Here

Our engineers and specialists in acoustics and vibration share a genuine common passion: designing innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology, and implementing revolutionary and exclusive concepts with the ultimate aim of improving your sound and vibration environment. Welcome to Soft dB.

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