Blast Monitoring: Master Trigger Is Your Solution

Within minutes of blasting, receive your automated summary reports thanks to our intelligent vibration & blast monitoring solution Master Trigger, a patented technology exclusive to Soft dB. Save time and boost efficiency like never before!

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Revolutionize Your Approach to Blast Monitoring With the Master Trigger™ Intelligent Network

Imagine having multiple vibration stations deployed across your site and the community, each triggering numerous exceedance notifications daily that are unrelated to your operations and therefore irrelevant to you (e.g., cars, human activities, etc.). Now consider the time spent sorting through each of these vibratory events...

Most current blast monitoring systems inform you whenever a vibration event occurs near a monitoring station, even if it has no impact on your operations, such as a passing car.

This approach not only consumes time but also inundates you with countless irrelevant notifications, potentially causing you to miss critical alerts that demand immediate attention.

Receiving Tons of Irrelevant Notifications From Your Blast Monitoring System Every Day?

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Leveraging the expertise of our R&D team and field specialists, Soft dB introduces the Master Trigger intelligent vibration monitoring network.

Say goodbye to the need for field visits after each blast or paying someone for manual data collection from multiple stations, along with the hassle of writing reports.

With Soft dB's patented Master Trigger, automation takes center stage. Eliminate alerts unrelated to seismic activity and receive notifications only for relevant vibration events.

Automate Processes That Are Time-Consuming. Avoid Wasting Time & Boost Efficiency Like Never Before. Master Trigger™, Designed to Serve You.

How It Works

Automatic Alerts and Summary Reports Are Generated After Blasting and Other Seismic Events

Immediately following your blasting and other seismic events, our algorithm collects and analyzes real-time data from every vibration station deployed in the field.

You will receive a comprehensive summary report of the levels measured by your vibration monitoring network. No need to spend time and money collecting data, processing it and preparing reports manually!

Thanks to our Master Trigger intelligent blast monitoring system, a patented technology exclusive to Soft dB, everything is now automated.

Key Benefits

Save Time and Increase Efficiency Like Never Before

  • Eliminate false alarms.
  • Automatically produce a summary report of vibration events integrating data from your entire seismic network.
  • Lower the detection threshold of a vibration event, providing more relevant information and preventing missed events.
  • No post-processing of vibration data required.
  • Reliable data and networks, online, 24/7.
  • Significant savings in time, money and productivity.
  • Proven effectiveness in numerous mines.

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Several Sectors Benefit From Our Intelligent Solution for Blast Monitoring

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Soft dB's Master Trigger has been successfully deployed in major environmental blast monitoring projects and is ideal for use in mining and construction.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to Our Vibration Monitoring Experts

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Monitor Your Vibrations Intelligently With Our Master Trigger Monitoring Solution

Simplify your vibration monitoring with the intelligent Master Trigger network. Eliminate false alarms and receive automated reports within minutes. Transform your approach to vibration monitoring today.

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