Rent Our Vibration and Noise Monitoring Equipment

Need to rent measuring instruments for noise, vibration, air overpressure, and weather conditions monitoring? Choose the best equipment at competitive prices with Soft dB's rental service. Ideal for short-term projects, such as construction sites.

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Vibration and Noise Monitoring Equipment Rental

Do you need to measure, assess and monitor outdoor noise, vibrations, weather conditions, and/or air overpressure levels?

Are your projects short-term, such as construction sites, and don't require equipment purchase? Want to try out our remote monitoring solutions to see how it fits into your current program? Only have an operational budget, making equipment purchase not an option? Our rental monitoring service is your answer. Choose Soft dB's remote monitoring systems, designed and developed by our R&D team: highly performant, reliable, and rugged, saving you time and money.

Our Rental Fleet

  • Watch monitoring stations. Perfect for outdoor noise, vibration, weather conditions, and air overpressure monitoring. Extremely rugged, powerful, energy-efficient, and at a competitive price.
  • Sound, vibration, weather, and air overpressure sensors.
  • Soft dB Web Monitoring Platform for remote access to your data. Monitor your environmental data in real-time, anywhere, anytime on any device, as if you were on-site. Receive alerts in case of exceedances and automated reports.
  • Soft dB's patented and exclusive technology: Master Trigger™. Stay informed only when exceedance risks come from your vibration activities.

Why Choose Soft dB's Rental Service

  • Rent powerful and reliable noise and vibration monitoring systems developed by Soft dB to withstand extreme conditions (construction, mining, infrastructure, high and low temperatures going down to -40°C).
  • Opt for equipment that is maintained and calibrated before and after each rental service.
  • Access the latest technologies and powerful equipment at competitive prices.
  • Take advantage of our rental program to try out our noise and vibration monitoring solutions before purchasing.

Rely on Our Vibration & Noise Monitoring Equipment Rental and Invest in the Success of Your Project

Every day, you work hard on the job, giving it your best. That's why our teams are dedicated and committed to offering you the best measuring instruments for vibration and noise at competitive prices. Demand for highly powerful, rugged, and reliable monitoring solutions. Demand nothing less of Soft dB.

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