Noise Monitoring Services: So That Your Noise Levels Never Become an Issue

Opt for state-of-the-art noise monitoring services, provided by world-renowned acousticians and supported by the best equipment in the industry. Focus on your core business activities with peace of mind. Our experts take care of everything.

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Turnkey Noise Monitoring Services Tailored to Your Needs

We Offer You Much More Than Just a High-Performance Noise Monitoring System

In the mining, heavy industry and construction sectors, controlling and monitoring noise levels can be a real challenge on a daily basis. That's why our acoustics experts offer you much more than a high-performance noise monitoring system. With Soft dB, you have access to a complete range of noise monitoring services from experienced acoustical engineers, so that your noise levels never become an issue. Got a noise problem? Our experts have probably already solved it on a similar project. Go for them.

Access a Complete Range of Noise Monitoring Services


Our approach to noise monitoring goes far beyond noise monitoring and control. Our acoustics engineers offer you a full range of noise monitoring services tailored to your reality. Need help choosing the right noise monitoring service? Our experts are here to guide you.

Noise Level Monitoring

Continuous, real-time (live) and remote monitoring to effectively track and control your noise levels and other contaminants.

Noise Data Analysis

Clear information and concrete insights for an in-depth understanding of your noise environment and noise contribution.

Noise Compliance Assessment

Rigorous studies to ensure compliance with current noise standards and regulations, and to understand the impact of each noise source in your context.

Advice on the Location and Configuration of Your Noise Monitoring System

No more headaches! Our experts understand the crucial elements and handle everything for you.

Assessment Reports

Professional documents produced by engineers to guide your actions and ensure optimum management of your noise levels.

  • Noise monitoring plans
  • Noise management plans
  • Compliance reports

Assessing the Audibility of Your Operations

Your operations may be compliant, but audible in neighboring communities, hence the importance of assessing your audibility through continuous noise monitoring.

Participation in Community Meetings

Transparent engagement with all stakeholders.

  • Introduction to acoustics
  • Monitoring methods
  • Results obtained
  • Etc.

Maintenance and Calibration

Maintaining the accuracy of your sound monitoring systems.

  • Laboratory calibration service
  • Station maintenance and repair
  • Replacement parts supplied

Main Business Sectors Benefiting From Our Noise Monitoring Services

Our noise monitoring services have a proven track record in various application areas where monitoring noise levels is essential. Each sector has its own challenges, and we tailor our noise monitoring services to meet the specific needs of each.

Mining and Natural Resources

Heavy Industry and Manufacturing

Construction Sites

Urban Environments

Transportation and Infrastructure

To Provide Outstanding Noise Monitoring Services, Everything Starts With Outstanding Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Because the Best Professionals Demand the Best Tools

At Soft dB, our acousticians rely exclusively on the best noise and vibration monitoring equipment to guarantee the reliability, accuracy and quality of data and actions. Understanding what is being measured is key to interpreting the data correctly.

Our commitment to technological excellence ensures every component of our sound monitoring system is reliable, aiding informed, swift, and efficient decision-making. Our world-class R&D team works closely with our field acousticians to ensure that our sound and vibration monitoring system meets your requirements and makes your life easier, 24/7.

Class 1 Noise Stations

Our sensors accurately measure sound levels, guaranteeing reliable data. Compliant with IEC 61672 standard for Class 1 sound level meters.

Robust and High-Performance Monitoring Stations

Our noise monitoring stations are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide continuous, uninterrupted noise monitoring in a variety of environments.

User-Friendly Web Platform

Access our user-friendly web monitoring platform where data is analyzed in real-time, giving you a comprehensive view of your noise environment.

Customized Alarms and Automated Reports

Don't waste time preparing reports manually, and receive alarms before you exceed your limits. It's all automated.

Simplify Your Projects with Soft dB Noise Monitoring Services

Choose a proven solution with Soft dB's expertise in acoustics and vibration.

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