Architectural Acoustics Service for Indoor Noise Control

Your living and working spaces should sound as good as they look. Our Architectural Acoustics experts make them feel more comfortable and private through better room soundproofing, echo reduction, sound absorbing materials, and by solving tricky noise and vibration problems caused by ventilation systems and building services. Our advanced measuring instruments, combined with our deep knowledge of how sound travels inside, empower us to get the job done like no one.

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Architectural Acoustics: Better Acoustics Means Better Spaces

Achieving superior interior acoustics requires meticulous care and solid knowledge in the science of sound. Whether it's a private home, an office, a school, a hospital, a hotel, or a concert hall, no space can truly achieve its purpose without taking into account the acoustic comfort of its occupants. As functional, sustainable, and beautiful as your spaces may be, where's the value if one can't enjoy quiet, private, and productive time in them?

No resident likes hearing the neighbors and city noises through the walls and windows. No employee likes being distracted by conversations carried across the office space. No teacher likes struggling to be heard and understood in a classroom filled with echo. Making an important presentation in a reverberant conference room is counterproductive. An overly noisy HVAC system ultimately does more harm than good. Overhearing private conversations behind closed doors not only makes everyone uncomfortable, but also presents serious confidentiality issues.

Make no mistake — when it comes to making people's lives better, your spaces are only as good as their acoustic performance. That's where our experts come in.

How to go about soundproofing a room on a strict construction budget? Which sound absorbing materials are best suited for the room design? Are these acoustic ceiling panels and sound-blocking doors installed correctly? How to prevent excessive room reverberation in the first place? As acoustical engineers, we provide architects, interior designers, contractors and real estate owners with clear, simple answers to these questions on a daily basis.

It's our job to help you take the guesswork out of achieving superior architectural acoustics, at whichever stage of the construction project lifecycle you need our expertise most. Whatever aspects of interior acoustics you wish to get absolutely right the first time, we have the advanced scientifical knowledge and unique field experience to help you succeed, backed by our Class 1 precision sound measuring instruments and advanced acoustic modeling software.

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Good Interior Acoustics Doesn't Happen by Chance

Class 1 Precision Acoustic Measurements

You can't solve room noise or echo problems without measuring them first. Thanks to sophisticated Class 1 precision noise measuring instruments developed in-house by our R&D engineers, our acousticians can objectively evaluate the sonic comfort and privacy of your spaces, in accordance with recognized standards such as WELL v2 Building Standard and LEED v4.1 Acoustic Performance requirements. We'll help you achieve the desired acoustic standards while keeping your construction and soundproofing costs to a minimum.

Room Acoustics and Material Simulations

It's always best ensuring that a space's acoustic design achieves its purpose before building it. Soundproofing walls, floors, ceilings and doors with expensive materials and just hope for the best can be a waste of money and resources. Our advanced room acoustics tools and software allow us to simulate various design approaches and how certain acoustic materials perform versus others, before they're implemented in real life. That way, you only invest time and money on what concretely improves the acoustic performance of your space.

Noise Leakage Detection and Visualization

Solving acoustic problems in any given indoor space starts with locating unwanted noise sources and understanding their direct and flanking transmission paths. How can you prevent sound from leaking between rooms if you don't know precisely where it's leaking from in the first place? Our engineers have developed an advanced sound imagery technique which makes it simpler and faster than ever to visualize the exact location and relative intensity of sound leaking through any type of building partition.

HVAC System Noise Control

If you're familiar with building standards such as ASHREA, WELL, and LEED, you know how stringent they are about minimizing HVAC background noise. How do we go about quieting noisy ventilation systems and ductwork? From experience, we know that duct silencers and more soundproofing materials are not always the answer. The noise produced by HVAC systems is often caused by complex aeroacoustics mechanisms which we can accurately predict and control through computer modeling to really get to the bottom of the problem.

Building Acoustics Services

  • Complete turnkey acoustic design services. Whatever you're planning to build, whether it's a private home, an office tower, a school, a hospital ward, or the city's next amphitheatre, we can handle your project's acoustical aspects from A to Z.
  • Acoustic comfort evaluation based on WELL and LEED building standards. Does your space provide healthy acoustic conditions and sufficient sound insulation for its occupants' well-being and productivity? We give you the full picture and clear recommendations on how to improve it.
  • Speech privacy and workplace acoustical performance evaluation based on ASTM standards. How easy is it to overhear conversations and get distracted in your office space? We give you the objective truth and help you act on it.
  • HVAC system noise measurement, simulation, and mitigation based on ASHRAE and AHRI standards. We know so much about noise in mechanical ventilation systems that we're often called as expert witness on HVAC noise disputes.
  • Reverberation time measurement and control. Reducing reverbation and echo in a room allows us to achieve lower ambient noise levels and better speech clarity.
  • Soundproofing guidance based on acoustical testing of floors, walls, and facades (STC, ASTC, OITC, AIIC, FIIC). Because choosing the right acoustical materials should be based on scientific data, not on marketing hype.
  • Structure-borne noise coming from mechanical equipments. We give you a clear view of structural acoustics and vibration issues which need special attention, using advanced acoustic modeling and simulation techniques.
  • Audibility and intelligibility testing of emergency and PA systems. Because being able to clearly hear important announcements and safety instructions is paramount, we carry speech intelligibility testing using full STI and STIPA.
  • Continuous training of architects, interior designers, building engineers, and contractors. Our experts cover the dos and don'ts of interior acoustics and how to properly install specialty acoustical products.

Interior Acoustics Projects

Our acoustical engineers collaborate on hundreds of construction and interior design projects each year. Each one of these projects is a new opportunity for us to innovate in making spaces sound as good as they look. But don't take our word for it. Ask any of our successful clients and they'll tell you the same: achieving superior building acoustics with us is a remarkably profitable investment.

Queen’s University Law Clinics

Speech privacy and acoustic performance evaluation plus recommendations to improve confidentiality in private office rooms.

ASHRAE 1852-TRP Research Project

Development of performance metric, criteria, and process to measure and predict speech privacy in high performance buildings.

GWLRA’s Multi-Residential Towers

Full acoustical study for a 41-storey mixed-use building project including exterior enveloppe calculations and interiors acoustic design.

Why Work With Our Acoustical Engineers?

Three words for you: Innovation, Clarity, Teamwork.

Innovation is what we bring to every project's table, meeting unique challenges with tailor-made solutions, thanks to decades of research of development in indoor noise control. Clear, simple, and achievable acoustics consulting recommendations is what you get from us at every stage of your project lifecycle. Teamwork is what enabled us to get acoustics right the first time in hundreds of successful interiors projects. We know a lot about the level of team coordination and attention to detail needed to achieve great acoustics in construction, especially when aiming for WELL or LEED certification. Achieving superior building acoustics standards is simpler and more affordable than you think. We should know: our own experts continuously contribute to refining those standards.

Achieving Great Interior Space Acoustics is Really Hard, But We'll Make it Sound Pretty Easy

When it comes to making occupants happy, comfortable, and productive, your spaces are only as good as their acoustic performance. We're here to ensure that whatever you're building—be it a school, a condominium, the coolest hybrid office, or a new hospital's intensive care unit—will sound as good as it looks.

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