Class 2 Integrating Averaging Sound Level Meter With Data Logger

Piccolo II Professional Class 2 Sound Level Meter: Pocket-Sized Versatility Meets High Performance

High Precision Noise Measurements

  • Fully Complies with IEC 61672 and ANSI S1.4
  • Frequency span 20Hz to 16kHz
  • Level ranges: Lo: 30 dBA to 110 dBzPk —> Hi: 40 dBA to 130 dBzPk

Simultaneous Measurements

  • Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak, in A, C, and Z weighting
  • Ln% for a selected weighting
  • 31.5Hz to 8kHz Octave bands
  • 400 lines FFT

Internal Lithium USB Rechargeable Battery

  • 48 hours autonomy
  • Unlimited autonomy using an External USB charger

Massive Data Storage Capacity

  • All data, including Leq, Lmax, Lpeak, Lmin , Ln%, Octave band & 400 lines FFT
  • Up to 6 month for 1hour averaging time
  • Up to 2 month for 5min averaging time
  • Up to 2 weeks for 1min averaging time


  • Community and occupational noise surveys
  • Equipment and machinery noise evaluations
  • Indoor and outdoor noise monitoring campaigns

Sound Level Meter Control Software

User-Friendly Interface to Manage Key Instrument Settings & Functions

  • Define default measurements & display parameters:  Averaging time, F/S mode, etc.
  • Set-up local time and date
  • Clear memory
  • Access to Calibration Certificate and IEC 61672-1 (2013) test result
Piccolo 2 sound level meter

Powerful Yet Simple Post-Processing Tools

  • View all 15 acoustical parameters recorded: Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak, Ln%, in A, C or Z weighting
  • View the Octave band and FFT spectrum of any record, in A, C or Z weighting
  • Data can be displayed on a time scale graph or in a simple list format
  • Data can be individually selected to be exported in a text file or excel spreadsheet

Measurement Viewer & Post-Processing Interface

High Quality Waveform Audio File Recording

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