Environmental Noise Monitoring With AI Filtering: Get Your Noise Compliance in Real-Time

Are your activities responsible for exceeding noise thresholds? With Soft dB's environmental noise monitoring AI filtering tool, identify the source of noise pollution in real time and receive a reliable, accurate assessment of your compliance. Take control of your noise like never before!

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Environmental Noise Standards Are Evolving, but Is Your Acoustic Monitoring System Keeping Pace?

Faced with the increasing demand to improve the quality of life in urban environments, industries are subject to increasingly strict regulations aimed at limiting their noise levels, making noise management a top priority issue.

However, despite the tightening of noise standards, most environmental noise monitoring systems currently available on the market are limited to issuing alarms when noise thresholds are exceeded, without distinguishing between noise generated by your operations and ambiant noise. Two major irritants arise: 

  • Firstly, you may be bombarded with irrelevant noise exceedance notifications unrelated to your activities.

    For instance, you might receive alerts due to conversations near the microphone of your monitoring station, which have no impact on your operations. You'd likely prefer not to be disturbed by such harmless events, wouldn't you?
  • Secondly, by being inundated with these irrelevant notifications, you run the risk of missing crucial notifications about your noise levels being exceeded, which would require immediate intervention on your part.

Usually, the only available option is to manually analyze your sound data, either by conducting a manual review of audio recordings or by examining images and videos captured during the overruns. This process can become tedious, time-consuming, and costly quickly! Additionally, real-time compliance updates are lacking...

That's why Soft dB has created an artificial intelligence tool that streamlines environmental noise monitoring, optimizes your operations with minimal effort, and allows you to focus on your core activities - the ones that really matter.

Demands for Meeting Stricter Noise Standards Increase. Seek Monitoring Equipment That Helps You Achieve High Standards.

 How It Briefly Works 

A “Virtual Acoustician” at Your Service, 24/7

Our AI tool automatically identifies, categorizes and filters noise generated in the environment, notifing you only when noise exceedances are a result of your activities. Exceedance alerts are promptly filtered in real-time by our AI tool, based on a "noise" database established from numerous samples categorized by our R&D team during multiple extensive acoustic monitoring projects.

AI provides you with a clear and precise indication of your sound activities' compliance, around the clock.

No more countless irrelevant noise exceedance notifications every day!

 Your Advantages 

Achieve More, at Lower Cost, With Peace of Mind

  • Receive an accurate and reliable indication of your noise contribution in real time.
  • Reduce production downtime due to false alarms by up to 95%.
  • Reduce your costs for post-processing noise data and save a significant amount of manual labor.
  • Minimize your impact on neighboring communities and reduce the risk of noise complaints and financial penalties.
  • Save time and increase productivity.
  • Operational 24/7.

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Several Sectors Benefit From Our AI Tool for Environmental Noise Monitoring

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The Soft dB AI tool has been successfully employed in major environmental noise monitoring projects. It is perfect for mining and heavy industry.

Some Frequently Asked Questions to Our Monitoring Experts

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Which monitoring stations does the Soft dB AI tool support?

In what situations is the AI tool of interest for my noise monitoring project?

In which situations is the AI tool NOT interesting for my noise monitoring project?

Eliminate Irrelevant “Noise” From Your Noise Data With Our AI Tool Applied to Environmental Noise Monitoring

The Soft dB AI tool applied to environmental noise monitoring is your intelligent solution for achieving real-time noise compliance while saving time and enhancing efficiency, 24/7. Move from yesterday to today.

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