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Q2 2018
Soft dB is proud to present yet again its quarterly newsletter. In this second edition of the year, the spotlight is on our Soft dB Consulting division in New England, new sound masking products, the I-Track in the news and much more!
Soft dB Consulting in New-England
Sound and Vibration Experts, in Boston!
Soft dB has been offering acoustic and vibration consulting since 1996. Our team of Ph.D’s, engineers and technicians work around the world to solve sound and vibration problems. The natural progression for Soft dB has been to open an office in the Boston metropolitain area to better serve the New England market.

This new office, led by the acoustician Franck Pérot Ph.D., will be focused on the following services:
  • Environmental
  • Industrial
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Architectural

Please find our new address below:

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Compact Surface Sound Masking Speaker
The new SURF4 loudspeaker is designed to generate the optimum masking sound for in-ceiling configuration with a small footprint of 4 inches (100mm), significantly reducing the size of our surface sound masking speaker AND keeping all of its available power. Furthermore, the SURF4 comes with two easy-to-use springs for installation in the ceiling tile or gypsum.
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Soft dB to present at Inter-Noise 2018 in Chicago
Surface and Plenum Mounted Sound Masking Systems: the Real Impact!
Many statements have been made on the sound uniformity of direct field (or surface) sound masking systems versus plenum ones. Our team will present an important technical paper which will be the first to measure the sound field spatial uniformity for both indirect and direct sound masking systems.


From the 26 to the 29th of August, come and meet with us at boot 613 at the Marriott Magnificent Mile Downtown Chicago, Illinois
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Soft dB Certified Installer Logo
Look Out for the Best Installers
From now on it will be easier to recognize the Soft dB Sound Masking System Installers. Each of Soft dB’s Sound Masking Installers are trained on the different installation methods of Soft dB’s complete portfolio in all office environments.
Two Types of Sound Masking Volume Knobs
Ease of Use and Flexibility
Soft dB’s Smart SMS-NET already enjoys exceptional confidentiality and comfort with the Adaptive Control exclusive feature. However, specific situations require lowering or raising the volume level of the masking sound in individual offices or board rooms. It is for these situations that Soft dB offers two types of volume knobs. The SMS-SK-VC allows users to adjust the volume for a given speaker, while the SMS-ZN-VC allows users to adjust the volume of a given zone (a group of speakers).
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Rockfon Uses Soft dB's Sound Imaging Technology
Soft dB I-Track in the News
Rockfon, a subsidiary of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL International, produces acoustic solutions for ceilings and walls. In their blog article “SEEING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE NOISE”, we discover how their products perform to control the noise passing through a ceiling. The very accurate sound maps presented in the article were created using the I-Track system, Soft dB’s very own sound intensity mapping system. As the author says : “This color-mapping method helps to bridge the gap between the technical, quantitative side of acoustics and the visual side of design in an impactful and memorable way.” 
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New International Distributors
For Sound Masking System
Soft dB is proud to announce four new partners now responsible for promoting and selling the SmartSMS-NET sound masking systems of Soft dB in France, Italy and the UAE.


Contact: Rajesh Narayanan
Office 401, Jumeirah Terrace,
2nd December Street,
PO Box 118821,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971-4-3464646
Fax: +971-4-3464647


No Grey Area

Contact: Justine Welch
Office 1105, Saba Tower 1
E Cluster, JLT, Dubai
PO Box 938890
Phone: +971 443 89611



Contact: Jonas Delfieu
Boulevard du Puits Charles

Zi Chana
42230 Roche La Molière
Phone: 00 33 4 77 46 54 85



Contact: Raffaele Napoli
via del Porto Fluviale, 9

00154 Roma
Phone: 0039 06 5780740
Fax: 0039 06 5780772


SmartSMS-NET Project Manager
New Software Update
Soft dB continually seeks to optimize and improve the performance of the smartSMS-NET system by regularly offering updates to the smartSMS-NET Project Manager Software. The newest smartSMS-NET sotfware update provides file conversion fixes and enhancements on older project files. This release resolves an issue that led to the incorrect conversion of project files that were last saved with versions prior to version 3.0 (before 2016-02) to the current project file format. It is highly recommended to download and install this update to avoid any problems on the older installations.

Click on the link below to download the update:
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Updated Sound Masking Design and Installation Guidelines
Now Online!
With these updated design and installation guidelines, you will find everything you need to know to design and install the perfect sound masking project for your office environment, what ever your office configuration is.
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