OBSI Software

The SoftdB OBSI Software is the first turn-key solution for the mesurement of On-Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) Method (AASHTO Designation: TP76-10) This software is used both for real-time acquisition and processing, and post-processing of recorded files. The OBSI software can be used with the Alto-6i USB analyser connected to a PC.


  • Versatile Customizable Interface:
    Time History, 1/3 Octave Spectrum, FFT Spectrum, Numerical Display.
  • Extensive Data Processing:
    Intensity, Pressure, PI Index, Coherence, Vehicle Speed, Travel Distance.
  • 1 or 2 Sound-Intensity Probe Configurations (Leading and/or Trailing Edge Probe)
  • Tachometer Input
  • Real-Time and Post-Processing Audio Feedback