Soft dB, a global innovator in speech privacy and acoustical technologies, is proud to present the SmartSMS-NET, the State-of-the-Art for Sound Masking Systems.

Exclusive Features

Active Volume Control

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment of Masking Volume

According to Ambient Noise

Effective Masking at All Times

An office space is a dynamic environment where distracting ambient noises vary significantly depending on the schedule and activities underway. In order to always be effective, sound masking must adapt to these changes: It must increase during very active periods, and become more discreet when the area is quieter. Only SmartSMS makes this possible!
Our exclusive adaptive adjustment system (Pat. US 8116461 B2) makes this possible! The system identifies variations in distractive noise levels in real time, using signals supplied by sound level sensors installed in the ceiling of the work space, and automatically adjusting the masking volume depending on the intensity of the distracting noises. Automatic Adjustment can be as smooth as desired (typically 0.5 dB/minute). It is quite simply, imperceptible.
THE ACTIVE VOLUME CONTROL SYSTEM PROVIDES AN UNPARALLELED OPTIMIZATION OF BOTH ACOUSTIC COMFORT AND EFFECTIVE SOUND MASKING. Make your own opinion, ask for a trial. We guarantee that you will appreciate and be impressed by this feature, and adopt it for all your workspaces.

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment Features

  •  Control of masking volume based on the level of disturbing noise in a room.
  •  Disturbing noise is measured using sound level sensors installed in the ceiling.
  •  Masking sound level is adjusted automatically in real-time.
  •  Adjustment rate, high limit and low limit are programmable separately, for each zone.
  •  An input mixer allows for the combination of any active input with any output channel.
Automatic Equalization

Unique Automatic Equalization Process

Precise Adjustment of the Masking Spectrum

Rapid Calibration, Accurate Results

The challenge: To produce optimum sound masking for all work space characteristics. Parameters such as size, type of ceiling, wall coverings, and furnishings have a direct influence on the propagation of sound masking. If the masking system is not properly calibrated to the specific conditions of the room, it becomes ineffective and/or irritating.
The advantage of SmartSMS-NET is that it adapts to characteristics that are specific to each work environment. Its unique calibration system (patent no.: US 7460675 B2) uses a microphone to measure the acoustic response and the background noise in the space. Based on this data, it automatically calculates the noise spectrum that must be used to emit a soft, uniform, and non-disruptive masking noise.

With SmartSMS-NET, a masking zone can be completely calibrated in less than one minute, thanks to Soft dB automatic calibration process (pat. US 7460675 B2).

This automatic adjustment is done not only on 1 /3 octave bands, but on 340 narrow band spectrum. It is quick, precise and provides an unparalleled regular smooth and comfortable sound masking spectrum
The calibration quality is measured by the system’s integrated frequency analyzer. At a glance, it provides indications as to whether the masking generated is in complete conformity with the sound spectrum sought.
Network System

Networked System

Take Control of Your Environment

Wired and/or Wifi Networked Sound Masking System

A Breakthrough for Customers and Installers

The SmartSMS-NET is very flexible, it can cover small or large masking zones. It combines the flexibility of networked system and the cost efficiency of centralized systems. Changes can be made very easily, the layout is integrated into the software.

  • Wireless network simplifies design and reduces installation costs (no proprietary cables)
  • State of the art graphical user interface