Discover Soft dB's sound masking system

What is Soft Sound Masking System ?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” This video explains everything you need to know about the Soft dB Sound Masking System

Soft dB Exclusive Features

Real-Time Adaptive Adjustment

The masking sound adapts to changes: it increases during very active periods and becomes more discreet when calm returns.

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Automatic Equalization Process

The SmartSMS-NET technology allows precise adjustment that adapts characteristics that are specific to each work environment.

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Networked Masking System Technology

Wired or wireless, the network simplifies system control and reduces installation costs.

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Our advanced sound masking technology will transform your workspace.

Who Needs Sound Masking ?

Financial Services

Preventing unauthorized access to personal information.

Health Care

Improves the acoustic neutrality of spaces and confidentiality during consultations.


To prevent privacy and security issues when you talk with your customers.


Improves privacy between rooms, in the lobby and conference areas.


Improves confort and confidentiality in closed and open office configurations.


Improves productivity and overall acoustic comfort.

Call Centers

The best solution to restrict the propagation of noise in open spaces.

Architects & Designers

Sound masking systems solve acoustic issues without sacrificing design aesthetics.

General Contractors

Eliminates or reduces the need for plenum barriers, insulation and extra drywall layers.


Professional Services

Simple and effective solution for confidentiality and protection of your clients confidential information.



Improves speech privacy between offices and raises the acoustic comfort level of open-plan offices.

Internationally Recognized Expertise

Established in 1996, Soft dB is a leader in the acoustics industry. Our expertise is recognized worldwide.