Open Source SPM Controller, Model MK2-A810

This Open source SPM Controler has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the GXSM, the Gnome X Scanning Microscopy project.

Main characteristics

• 8 analog I/O capable of operating at up to 150 kHz with a +-10V dynamic range
• 2/16-bit counters inputs
• 16 individually configurable GPIOs
• Low noise and very high DC stability
• Very low input-output group-delay
• 5502 DSP from Texas Instrument running at 300 MHz
• SPARTAN 3 FPGA from Xilinx
• High Speed USB interface controller

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Open source SPM Spec Sheet

Advanced SPM features can be implemented using the 16 individually configurable GPIOs and the two 16-bit counters. These counters are synchronized with the analog sampling and can be used as simple pulse counters or Quadrature Encoder Pulse (QEP) counters.

User manual, Firmware, Documentation & software

The complete GXSM documentation for the MK2-A810 controller is available online via this link: .

Download the firmware (the last version developped by GXSM)

Navigate to Documentation/Manual and download the GXSM Manual:

Driver installer

Miscellaneous Download

SR2-A810 Installer (Labview 2009) (Last Update: august 2010)

Migration to SR2_NG (for a x64 compatibility):

More information about the SR2 to SR2_NG migration
SR2_NG software installer
Download migration tool


P. Zahl, T. Wagner, R. Möller and A. Klust, “Open source scanning probe microscopy control software package Gxsm”, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 28 (2010). Read now: Link to this article.

Free complete SPM software (Linux/Windows) is available at &

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