SR2-Analog_16 add-on board for SR-MK2 provides two functions:

  • 16 analog inputs and 16 analog outputs.
  • bus switches on Signal Ranger MK2’s FPGA I/Os. These bus switches provide protection to the I/Os and to external circuitry that is connected to them, making I/Os configured as inputs 5V-tolerant.

Documentation & Download

Developer package:

Note : The SR-MK2 Installer must be installed before Analog_16 Installer

Main features

  • Differential Analog Inputs
  • Number of inputs: 16 (synchronized)
  • Resolution: 16 bits
  • SNR: 88 dB
  • Sampling rate: 0 to 26 kHz (104 kHz w/o anti-aliasing filter)
  • Bandwidth: 0 to Fs/2 (includes DC)
  • Dynamic range: Single Ended: ±10V – Differential: ±20V
  • Input impedance: 85 kOhms
  • Electret Microphone Inputs
  • Adjustable gain: 0 to 42 dB in 1.5 dB steps, 48 dB, 54 dB
  • Anti-aliasing filter: Group-delay: IIR 5 samples; FIR 18 samples
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