The Signal Ranger MK2 is a fixed point DSP board featuring a 300 MHz TMS320C5502 DSP, a 400 kgates SPARTAN 3 FPGA, and a high-speed USB 2 interface. The DSP board may be used while connected to a PC or in in stand-alone mode, executing embedded DSP code (see Signal-Ranger DDCI interface). The Signal Ranger MK2 DSP board can be used with the expansion boards SR2_Analog_16 or with the SR2-A810 (see Optional expension board below)

Main features

  • 300 MHz TMS320C5502 DSP 16-bits fixed point
  • XC3S400 FPGA 63 user-configurable I/Os
  • High-speed USB 2 interface
  • 64 Kbytes on-chip (DSP) double-access RAM
  • 4 Mbytes external 75 MHz SDRAM
  • 2 Mbytes external Flash ROM
  • Can be stand-alone unit or connected to a PC
  • high-speed USB 2 interface
  • DDCI Interface (Development to Deployment Code Instrumentation)

Migration to SR2_NG (for a x64 compatibility):

Optional expansion boards:

The SR2-Analog_16 provides 16 ADCs and DACS (16-bits), a cost-effective solution for multi-channel DSP applications. The SR-A810 is designed for SPM control application or High-speed control applications.

• 16 I/0, 16 bits, SNR 88 dB
• 0 to 26 kHz (104 kHz w/o anti-aliasing filter)

• 8 analog I/O capable of operating at up to 150 kHz
• ±10V dynamic range
• Low noise and very high DC stability
• Very low input-output group-delay