Sensors that Dampen Vibrations on Construction Sites. Really?

Actually, it doesn't work like that...

Sensors aren't designed to absorb vibrations.

They're definitely not vibration sponges!

However, we can certainly help you to control your vibration levels!

There are various effective strategies and techniques available that can help to control your vibration levels, such as modelling, implementing treatments and more. However, another crucial strategy is monitoring, especially when it helps to protect the integrity of structures, reduce the risk of complaints, and optimize human comfort, especially during construction work.

For effective monitoring of your vibration levels, imagine having access to various sensors and monitoring stations, such as the Noise and Vibration Monitoring Station, Watch™.

Additionally, our experts conduct studies and analyses upstream, estimate vibration levels and also provide strategies on how to mitigate and monitor them, and more — all throughout the duration of your project too.

If your vibration levels are causing enough trouble to consider absorbing them,
we're "sensing" that it's likely the perfect time for us to talk...

While we don't promise miracles, we do promise to commit ourselves to solving your noise and vibration challenges!

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Oh... and Happy April Fools' Day.