The Alto is a high-performance DSP analyzer. Connected to a PC, the Alto provides a complete toolbox for acoustics and vibration measurements.

Offering 6 or 4 24-Bit asynchronous inputs and 2 outputs, the Alto isn’t only an acquisition board. Its core is a powerful TI 6000 Series DSP that takes charge of critical computation to ensure high-performance real-time signal processing. Compact, low-consumption, and flexible, the Alto provides a professional measurement system at a very competitive price.

Opus Software Suite

The Opus software suite is a collection of measurement modules that are installed on a PC connected to an Alto to perform numerous sound and vibration measurements. Advanced yet intuitive, the Opus software suite along with the Alto platform can improve efficiency and quality of your noise and vibration analysis.

  • 4-Channels SLM Class 1
  • Sound Intensity Class 1
  • 3-Axis Vibration & 1-Channel SLM Class 1
  • Building Acoustics (RT-60 , STC, ect.)
  • 4-Channels Data Logger (Waveform recorder and post-processing)
  • And More!

SLM-4ch Module
The SLM-4ch Module is an advanced 4-channel Sound Level Meter Module allowing to perform every type of SLM task from long period stand-alone measurement to short transient measurements. The SLM-4ch is the most versatile SLM module on the market.

SLM & 3Vib
The SLM&Vib module is a variation of our popular SLM-4ch Module and allows to perform simultaneous SLM and vibration measurements. With built-in ISO 2631, the SLM&Vib is the best tool when it comes to measure human exposure to vibrations.

Building Acoustics Suite
The Building Acoustics Suite contains a wide selection of modules focused on the acoustic measurement standards for buildings.
It covers the following subjects:

  • Sound Transmission (ASTM E 336/ISO 140-4)
  • Impact Insulation (ASTM E 1007/ISO 140-7)
  • Room noise (ANSI/ASA S12.2-2008)
  • Reverberation Time (ISO 3382)
  • Speech Privacy in Open Offices (ASTM E 1130)
  • Speech Privacy Provided by a Closed Room (ASTM E 2638)

The Intensity Module is a sound intensity measurement module using a pressure-pressure sound intensity probe. The Opus Intensity module is a powerful tool for the acoustician.


The Datalogger Module is an advanced signal processing module. It allows to perform signal acquisition from several inputs and to perform advanced post-processing on the resulting file. From acoustics to vibration, the Opus Datalogger Module handles them all.

Building Vib
The Building Vib Module is an advanced building monitor with built-in USBM and DIN-4150 criteria.

SLM Data Analyser

The SLM Data Analyzer is a post-processing tool that allows the maximum out of the SLM-4ch measurement files. From long period environmental noise to short transient measurements, the Opus SLM Data Analyzer handles them all.

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