Smart Piezo Drive, Model MK3-HV1

Discontinued Product

Programmable & Auto-Instrumented HV Amplifier

The Smart Piezo Drive is a 6-channels very low noise and drift, high-voltage amplifier for Scanning-Probe Microscopy applications. With three main inputs, three auxiliary inputs and a wide range of adjustable parameters (output offsets, gains and bandwidths), the Smart Piezo Drive is a feature-rich, extremely versatile product.


Industry Firsts

  • An embedded high-precision DSP board allows the amplifier to be entirely software-controlled through a USB or Ethernet link
  • Completely software-controllable parameters on all channels:
    • Bandwidth (1kHz to 50kHz)
    • Gain (x1 to x20)
    • Offset (full range)
  • 3-channel real-time scope with an unlimited recording function
  • Low-pass filtering and adjustable slew-rate limit on offset changes
  • Emergency-return: immediately returns all outputs to a preset “safe” position
  • Drift-correction function to track thermal drifts of the scanned surface

 Software Control Interface

USB or an Ethernet link to control the amplifier. The interface allows the full control of the amplifier.

High sampling rate scope function to monitor all output in real time, with an adjustable history length of up to 60 seconds.