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Our advanced sound masking technology will transform your workspace.

Impacts On Performance

ROI Calculator

Multiple sources of noise

Whether it comes from coworkers, loud conversations, a printer, a ringtone or any other sound distraction, a study by Ipsos found that workers lost up to 86 minutes per day due to these types of interruptions.

Effects of noise on office workers

  • Decreased productivity, especially for complex tasks
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Increased illness

According to a workplace survey, 88% of respondents assured the quality of their work environment was important to job satisfaction (Gensler, 2006)

They Trust Us


Satisfied clients

“The work environment is very silent; quieter. At the end of the day, employees are less tired. They don’t feel the time going by because they are less disturbed and more concentrated”

Annette Filteau
Director – Billing and Enrolment
SSQ Financial Group


 “Sound masking was installed following the redevelopment of our office spaces. We had opted for moveable walls, and we wanted to improve the sound quality between the spaces. We immediately noticed a more mellow effect across the open areas and good privacy in our closed offices; this was despite all the conversations and the level of activity that takes place there. We were pleasantly surprised! ”

Nicole Goulet
Senior Manager, Facilities & Administrative Services
PSP Investments