Reducing Transformer Noise Using a Patented Acoustic Blanket Solution

NB Power reached out to our experts to find an effective solution to reduce the tonal noise from electrical transformers, improving the acoustical climate of residential communities situated adjacent to the Allison and Shediac substations.

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Noise issues have become an increasingly important priority for many residential communities. It is within this context that the implementation of a noise reduction solution at the source of electrical transformers is of critical concern.

Utility and energy management companies are becoming progressively aware that the noise being generated by these infrastructures is impacting the quality of life of nearby residents.

For this particular case study, NB Power wanted to find an effective solution to reduce the tonal noise of its electrical transformers using industrial sound reduction methods, to increase the well-being of the surrounding communities.

12 dB Reduction in Overall Noise Contributions

Objective: To Reduce the Impact of Transformer Noise Emissions

Approach: Process to Meet the Objective

Solution: Implementing an Acoustical Enclosure for the Transformers

Results: Noise Reduction of 12 dB on Overall Noise Contribution Levels



A Strategic Partner with IPI - A Leader in Industrial Insulation

Soft dB has developed a partnership with IPI Isolation Thermique in the design of our acoustic blankets. Partnering and collaborating with a leader in industrial insulation enables us to deliver a high-quality product, worthy of this multidisciplinary association.

The Solution to your Industrial Noise Challenges

Do you work in an environment with noisy mechanical equipment? Our acoustic blankets and panels will help you to effectively reduce the exposure of industrial noise. If preceded by a noise reduction study by our experts, the results of our solution are 100% guaranteed.

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