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Soft dB Southeast is managed by Christine Lakso, a highly-experienced sound masking specialist with a proven track record in making this technology elevate the occupant experience in both corporate facilities and healthcare.

Christine is passionate about helping architects, interior designers and facilities managers leverage sound masking to achieve superior acoustics for the beautiful spaces they work so hard to create. As a former successful interior designer herself, she knows a lot about what it takes to deliver spaces that make people better. She also proudly serves on the board of the Georgia Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) as Corporate Forum Leader.

When she isn't busy with delivering some of our biggest sound masking projects across the southeastern U.S., Christine actively contributes to relevant conversations focused on defining wellness in today’s workplace, while nurturing excellence and innovation in interior design practices and education. Looking to integrate sound masking technology in your design projects? Christine is your trusted go-to resource.


PO Box 920341, Norcross, GA 30010-0341

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  • Sound Masking System

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  • Alabama
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You can speak to:

Christine Lakso, IIDA, NEWH

Sound Masking Specialist

(678) 350-5610

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