Acoustic Enclosure: The 5 Key Benefits of Reducing Noise Effectively

Industrial Noise Control • July 5, 2024

Acoustic enclosures are tailored noise reduction solutions designed to effectively isolate loud industrial machinery. Acting as a shield against noise pollution, these enclosures offer numerous advantages for optimizing the working environment and safeguarding employee health.

By significantly attenuating excessive noise levels, acoustic enclosures enhance concentration, reduce stress and fatigue, and prevent the risk of long-term hearing damage. This solution also enables companies to comply with noise regulations while fostering a safer and more productive workplace.


As a real shield against noise pollution, they offer a multitude of advantages for optimizing the working environment, while also guaranteeing the acoustical safety of employees.

Excessive noise can have adverse effects on the health and well-being of those exposed. Effects can include (but are not limited to), decreased focus and productivity, an increase in stress and workplace fatigue, and the risk of long-term hearing damage, as a result of prolonged exposure


Acoustic cladding is an effective barrier from the negative effects of excessive industrial noise, and a successful strategy for improving the workplace environment.





5 Key Benefits of Using Acoustic Enclosures

Noise Reduction

The main advantage of acoustic enclosures is their ability to reduce ambient noise. They can attenuate noise from machines, tools, fans, pumps and other noise sources that are present in industrial working environments.

Improved Focus and Productivity

A quieter working environment can improve and enhance employees focus levels and well-being, quality of work with fewer errors, and an increase in overall productivity.

Noise Protection and Prevention of Occupational Hazards

Acoustic enclosures offer the necessary protection from exposure to excessive noise. Adequate and effective protection reduces negative effects - hearing loss, stress, fatigue and other noise-related health concerns - from intermittent, continuous and/or prolonged exposure.

Increased Workplace Communication

A clearer sound environment allows for increased communication between employees. This can improve morale, collaboration, decision-making, problem-solving and team building.

Compliance with Standards and Regulations

Companies are required to comply with noise regulations, particularly with regard to Occupational Health and Safety. Acoustic enclosures are an effective tool to ensure that you’re meeting these requirements and avoiding any associated penalties of excessive noise exposure.

Noise Reduction Capabilities of Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustical enclosures are uniquely designed to effectively reduce the noise emissions that are being generated by industrial equipment. By understanding the requirements and the specifications of the particular equipment involved, the enclosures are custom-designed to be highly effective in attenuating the vibration and unwanted noise successfully.

Soft dB’s enclosures are comprised of interconnecting acoustical sound reduction blankets, thus allowing the capability and versatility to enclose any type of industrial equipment. To achieve maximum reduction capacity, each blanket is carefully crafted using high quality absorbent mineral wool.

The protective outer membrane is fitted with sound-absorbing strips and sturdy fastenings to prevent noise leakage, while also increasing the resistance to water and UV rays. Additionally, the inner membrane is infused with the addition of silicone for industrial resistance, allowing for varying levels of temperature and contaminants.

Our acoustic enclosures also have the versatility to be equipped with silenced ventilation systems. This feature allows for adequate air circulation that prevents heat build-up, all while maintaining acoustical integrity.

When properly designed and installed correctly by a team of professionals, acoustic enclosures are a highly effective solution to significantly reduce equipment noise levels and improve the overall quality of the workplace environment.

Choosing the Right Acoustic Enclosure

When choosing the most effective acoustic enclosure and ensuring that it can meet your specific needs, there are several key factors that are important to consider:

The Type of Noise Needing Attenuation

It's important to choose an acoustical enclosure that is designed to attenuate the particular frequencies of noise that you wish to reduce. Given the variability, this can also depend on the nature of the equipment being used.

The Level of Noise Reduction Required

The level of noise reduction that is required will depend on the specific sound source and the sound attenuation to be achieved. Establishing a baseline can provide the needed information to calculate the level of noise reduction required.

Installation Environment

It's important to take into consideration the environment where the acoustic enclosure will be installed. Factors may include temperature, humidity, and the presence of chemicals.

Dimensions and Design of the Enclosure

Acoustical enclosures must be adapted to the sound source requiring reduction treatment. This includes taking into account its physical size and shape, and the operational and maintenance requirements.


The cost of acoustical enclosures can vary depending on size, complexity and the materials used. Knowing your budget can help you to select the right enclosure to meet your requirements.





Acoustic enclosures are an effective solution for reducing noise and improving the sound quality in a variety of environments, particularly in the industrial sector. In addition to the reduction of noise, enclosures offer many benefits that enhance workplace environments, such as: improvements in employee well-being, focus, productivity, and communication, prevention of occupational hazards, and compliance with standards and regulations.

When choosing an effective acoustic enclosure, it is important to take into account the type of noise needing attenuation, the level of noise reduction required, the installation environment, the dimensions and shape of the enclosure (that also accounts for operational and maintenance), and the budget.

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