Paul Barnard Joins Our Ranks as Sound Masking Sales Manager in Ontario

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We are thrilled to welcome Paul Barnard as the newest member of our sound masking salesforce, effective January 1 2020.

A fifth solid addition to our sound masking division in what has been an incredibly busy last 12 months, Paul will work alongside Jeff Harvey, who previously joined our ranks in summer 2019, to deliver new value to our rapidly growing client base in major cities all across the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.

Paul is definitely no newcomer in the sound masking universe. Having served 6 years as VP of business development for Canadian Office Acoustics, a distribution partner for our sound masking product line in Central Canada, he has already successfully delivered many large scale sound masking projects for renowned clients all over Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area in particular.

Given his impressive track record, core sales leadership competencies, and passionate take on achieving superior workspace acoustics with sound masking, it just made a lot of sense to make Paul a key player in the Soft dB team.

With over twenty years of expertise in senior level business development, marketing and management, in a range of industries including consumer and professional electronics, renewable energy, service bureau and corporate communications, publishing, gaming and media, we couldn’t possibly have wished for a better professional than Paul to help us grow the Soft dB footprint in an ever-growing market such as Central canada.

Commercial real estate development, which naturally includes big exciting new office building projects, is everything but slowing down in Ontario and Manitoba. Unsurprisingly, the demand for cost-efficient workspace acoustics solutions like sound masking technology has only gotten stronger in recent years.

We’re confident that as our sales manager, Paul will continuously show his typical high level of commitment to matching and exceeding expectations, while helping organizations of all shapes and sizes deliver superior office environments, ones that promote focus, wellness, and productivity, to their employees.

Welcome to our team of rockstars Paul.