Sound Masking Controllers, Speakers, Softwares and Accessories for Projects of All Sizes

SmartSMS-Net Sound Masking System Overview

  • Network-ready decentralized system
  • Designed with simplicity, flexibility and scalability in mind
  • Exceeds LEED-V4 requirements
  • Uses high-efficiency amplifiers and electrical components to minimize energy consumption
  • Delivers unrivaled sound masking quality in any type of office layout

Sound Masking Controllers

Office Spaces Above 5000 sq.ft. (460 m2)



(6 SPK/CH x 2 CH)



(6 SPK/CH x 4 CH)



(6 SPK/CH x 8 CH)



(12 SPK/CH x 8 CH)



For external amp

Sound Masking Controllers

Office Spaces Below 5000 sq.ft. (460 m2)


(12 SPK/CH x 1 CH) or (12 SPK/CH x 2 CH)

The CMS-II is a complete sound masking system, simple, easy to use and packed with new technologies. Tailored for small and medium offices, the CMS-II provides unparalleled sound masking performance at a reasonable price.

Sound Masking Speakers


Spec Sheet
User Guide

Approved for Chicago Plenum (CCEA)
Learn more


Spec Sheet
User Guide

Approved for Chicago Plenum (CCEA)
Learn more

Sensor & Accessories

Sound Masking Softwares

SmartSMS-NET Project Manager Software

With this software, the system administrator can configure all the parameters of the smartSMS-NET sound masking system.

Mobile Volume Control Application

With this app, the end-users can adjust the volume of sound masking and music for any given zone.

PC-Based USB Volume Control Application

Sound masking volume control app

Soft dB is launching a PC based Volume App to adjust simply and quickly the sound masking and music volume of your smartSMS-NET system. Simply connect your PC to the Soft dB controller via the USB port. To download the app and get the user guide, please choose one of the buttons on the side.

Crestron Integration

Integrated Control Solutions for Buildings

Need Help With Your Sound Masking Project?

Our advanced sound masking technology will help you increase productivity in your workspace by reducing noisy distractions and providing opportunities for privacy and focus. A comfortable office positively impacts employee mood, drive and performance.

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