Industrial Noise Control for Loud Equipment and Vehicles

Adaptable to heavy equipment and moving vehicles of all shapes and sizes, our industrial noise control panels and curtains are easier than ever to install and deliver outstanding noise isolation performance without the need to build expensive rigid walled acoustic enclosures.

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Soundproofing Industrial Noise Made Simple

Watch the short video below to see how our tailor-made soundproofing blankets are one of the quickest, simplest and most effective solution for quieting down noisy industrial equipment.

Reduce the noise of your industrial equipment


They trust us for their industrial noise control projects

It's an honour to have gained the trust of many renowned companies. With our excellent team and expertise in industrial soundproofing, all businesses, regardless of their size, can benefit from our products and services.


Customer Satisfaction Feedback

"I had news from the customer who had complained about the transformer noise and they are very pleased with the noise reduction along with the other neighbors to the substation, so thank you very much to the Soft dB team for helping us out with this and putting together a solution!"

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Industrial Noise Control: Our Custom-Made Industrial Soundproofing Panels and Curtains

Dealing with noisy machines and industrial equipment? Let’s wrap them up in our heavy duty soundproofing blankets. Adaptable to all equipment shapes and sizes, our soundproofing blankets not only deliver outstanding industrial noise control performance at a very reasonable cost, but are also fully waterproof, UV resistant, and easy to install. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor equipment, including moving vehicles, our soundproofing blankets are particularly efficient in reducing high noise levels at low frequencies, which are typically the most difficult to attenuate.




Amid the relentless symphony of industrial operations, the disruptive cacophony stemming from machinery and equipment can not only impede productivity but also compromise the well-being of workers. Our custom-designed industrial soundproofing panels and curtains are meticulously engineered to counteract this auditory intrusion. By combining advanced acoustic materials with precision craftsmanship, we offer a solution that seamlessly integrates aesthetics with functionality.

From factories that pulse with the rhythm of manufacturing to construction sites abuzz with activity, our panels and curtains provide a tailored acoustic protection. These versatile solutions effectively absorb and dampen noise, curbing its propagation and transforming the soundscape into a more serene environment. 


What sets our industrial noise control solutions apart is not only their effectiveness but also their adaptability. We recognize that industrial settings are diverse, with each facility having its unique layout and noise challenges. Therefore, our custom-made panels and curtains can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your specific environment, ensuring optimal noise reduction without disrupting workflow or compromising safety protocols.


Investing in our noise control solutions goes beyond mere industrial noise reduction; it's a commitment to enhancing the overall work environment. By mitigating noise-related stressors, you contribute to improved employee well-being, concentration, and ultimately, performance. Moreover, our panels and curtains act as a shield, protecting neighboring communities from the intrusive sounds that industrial activities can emit.

When you choose our custom-made industrial noise control solution, you're choosing innovation, expertise, and a dedication to creating a quieter, more productive, and harmonious industrial space. 

Industrial Sectors and Noise Control

Industrial noise control is a solution for all sectors that generate industrial noise. At Soft dB, we've been solving our customers' noise problems for over 25 years, whatever their sector.



industrial acoustic enclosure

Cost-Effective Industrial Noise Control in All Industrial Applications

  • Appropriate for electrical equipment of any size
  • Can easily be installed on moving equipment and vehicles
  • Lightweight sounproofing panel structure for hard to reach equipment
  • Perfect for heavy industrial applications composed of excessively loud equipment of different shapes and sizes

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Industrial Noise Control System Features

The Soft dB acoustic blanket is used to achieve effective industrial noise control, even at low frequencies. Our soundproofing blankets and curtains are robust, modular and portable for quick and easy installation, even in the most challenging environments. Cutting and assembling of the soundproofing material is done at the factory, simplifying the on-site installation work.

  • Industrial Grade
  • High Sound Reduction (STC 33)
  • Custom-made for every project
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Water repellant and UV resistant
  • Wide Temperature range

Industrial Noise Control: Why Choose Soft dB ?

The Soft dB industrial equipment soundproofing blankets make a significant difference in the sound level produced by the equipment it covers, acting directly on the source of the problem.

How Does It Work?

Soft dB noise control blanket is a powerful and flexible industrial soundproofing solution to help reduce machinery noise.

  • Mesh material covering the surfaces on the source side allows the acoustic materials of the blanket to be effective
  • High performance absorption material on the inside reduces the sound pressure on the source side
  • High density sound-deadening material blocks sound from passing through the blankets
  • Overlapping protective fabric covers any possible leaks between the sections

Turnkey Equipment Industrial Soundproofing Solution

In order to ensure the hassle-free industrial soundproofing of different heavy equipment and vehicles, Soft dB noise control blanket is offered as a turnkey solution. The path from conception to installation is comprised of three simple steps:

Step 1 : On-site Assessment and Quote

Our soundproofing engineers take the necessary time with you to evaluate your needs and come up with a solution suited for your project.

Step 2 : Design and Production

Let us take care of the whole soundproof blanket design and fabrication process, using high-quality sound-absorbing materials.

Step 3 : Installation

We provide detailed installation plans so you or your team can install the blankets. Once done, we measure the acoustic insulation to validate that it meets the specifications.

What Is the Best Industrial Noise Control for Machinery?

The optimal industrial noise control solution for machinery involves a combination of approaches to effectively minimize noise at its source and prevent its transmission. Acoustic blankets, customized to fit around the machinery, create a physical barrier that contains and reduces noise. Sound-absorbing materials, like foam or mineral wool, can be integrated into the enclosure's construction to further dampen sound waves.

Vibration isolation mounts beneath the machinery prevent mechanical vibrations from turning into noise. Additionally, acoustic blankets or curtains can be draped over machinery to absorb and control noise. Choosing the best industrial noise control for machinery requires assessing factors such as the machinery's size, noise level, and the surrounding environment.

Reduce the noise of your industrial equipment

Outstanding Machine Noise Isolation Performance

Equipment Noise Intensity Without Soft dB Soundproofing Panels in Place

Equipment Noise Intensity With Soft dB Soundproofing Panels in Place

Developed Jointly by Canadian Acoustical Engineers and Leaders in Industrial Insulation

Our heavy equipment soundproofing blankets and curtains are proudly developed, field-tested, and installed in hundreds of industrial sites in partnership with IPI Thermal insulation, a leader in industrial insulation.

A Few Questions About Industrial Noise Control

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Quieting Down Your Noisy Equipment Is Simpler and Cheaper Than You Think

Our acoustical engineers know everything about industrial equipment noise and how to effectively reduce it. We'll visit your site, measure your equipment, and develop a custom industrial soundproofing plan that not only fits your budget, but also ensures your compliance with applicable noise laws and occupational safety standards.

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