Office Sound Masking System

Sound Masking System Specifications & Technical Documentation

Download product sheets, specifications, user manuals, design guidelines, 3d model files, and other useful documents for all of our sound masking system components.

System Wide Documentation

Sound Masking Controllers

ML-SL Series Plenum Mounted Controllers

RL96 Rackmount Controller

RLCTL2 Externally Powered Rackmount Controller

CMS-II Small Office Sound Masking Controller

Sound Masking Loudspeakers

SMS-STR Open Ceiling & Plenum Speaker

SMS-STX Open Ceiling & Plenum Speaker

SMS-DIRECT Directional Speaker

SMS-SURF4 Flush Mount Ceiling Direct Field Speaker

SMS-FLAT Ultra Compact Speaker

SMS-VIBX Vibration Speaker

Sound Masking Software

Project Manager Software

Mobile Volume Application

USB Volume Software

Crestron System Integration

Sound Masking Accessories

SMS-CTP Centralized Touchscreen Control Panel

SMS-SEN Active Volume Control Sensor

SMS-SKVC Speaker Volume Control Knob

SMS-SNVC Zone Volume Control Knob

AUX-ISO Isolation Transformer

SMS-NET Power Supply

SMS-NET Demo Kit

Sound Masking System Designed for Today's Workspace

Office workers need more acoustic privacy and fewer distractions to perform at their best. Sound masking is one of the most cost-effective solutions to make any workspace more comfortable and productive without compromising on what's already working great in terms of design and functionality.

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